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Donna: The Art of a Cineaste

by Chloe Ramirez



Semesters later, students and professors alike still bring to light the amazing work done by Donna Rey, a Visual Communication student from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. On her semester abroad at iCLA, she was able to come up with a beautiful collection of videos and photos for the world to see, and they do not disappoint.

Donna took the time to meet with the students of iCLA in order to take their photos and videos. She admits that she started the whole project in order to pass the time.

I was always in my room for the first few weeks. But since I already love taking photos and videos, I said, why not start with my classmates? But the ultimate goal of my project was to get to know more people. I wanted to reach out to others. I am an only child, I keep to a close set of friends, and it was my first time in a foreign country. Meeting people through my passion was amazing.”

It was all very natural, the whole process. Donna wanted to exhibit authenticity and truth, and she in turn admits that much was learned from the whole project. The experiences were so unique because they were all such different people. Different personalities and attitudes sprout from each photoshoot, proving the diversity in and liberal air of iCLA.

Of course, just as in many projects, hardships occur.

There was a time in November when I’d conduct three photoshoots in a day, before, in between, and after class. It was difficult to shoot, but these were all minor setbacks. The feeling is really different when you know you can make someone happy with what you can do, and so I don’t mind the setbacks at all. It’s very fulfilling as a photographer, if I can call myself that.”

All in all, she admits that her little stint in iCLA was life-changing in a way, because she grew not just as a person, but also as an artist.

I used to be so dependent on friends, but here in iCLA, and after conducting the shoot, I was able to become more independent, mature, and responsible. Plus, I gained so many friends in the process.”

You can check out her videos here:

To see more of Donna’s work, check out her Facebook page:


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A concert night inspired by outer space and the stars 

On December 7, 2017, iCLA’s students and the YGU Wind Brass Ensemble joined forces to present an evening-length concert inspired by outer space and the stars in the iCLA main lobby.

This edition of the Music Gala successfully integrated a variety of musical styles and mediums reflective of the diversity of iCLA Music workshops offered in the Fall semester: Koto, Shakuhachi, Keyboard, Vocal Ensemble, and Music and Creativity. The evening also included special guests performances by a few of iCLA’s faculty and staff members.

Pauline Arejola’s performance of her original piece Dancing In Stillness

The concert was entertaining for the spectators, and was a major (yet rewarding) challenge for iCLA’s young performers. The students learned and rehearsed a large number of new pieces, and some witnessed their own compositions being performed for the first time.

Pauline Therese Arejola, who participated in the Music and Creativity, Koto, and Vocal Ensemble workshops, presented an impressive solo vocal work. She had this to say about her experience: “The best thing about the Winter Gala is that you get to collaborate with creative artists, composers, songwriters, musicians and singers. You get to see and experience how diverse iCLA students are in music making. Performing for an international audience was an honor because I was able to share my music with them. Even though we all speak different languages, one language connected us all, and that is music!”


Asteroid B612

Sao Khue Phan Xuan offered her original musical theatre piece Asteroid B612, a musical dialogue in which the lyrics were inspired by the children’s novel The Little Prince. After the performance, Sao Khue explained:  “It was satisfying! Not only because I get to see what I created, but also when the performance and the performers see the story I wrote from their own perspective, I think it creates an interesting narrative.”


Overall, the students did a great job in delivering such a remarkable level of performance which brought everyone together, including the sizable audience, despite limited preparation time. Audience member April Angel Lee Felipe added:  “It was a pretty cool event because I was exposed to different kinds of music and I was also able to talk to new people!”

The audience at the Winter Gala 2017


John Cheung, as an exchange student at iCLA who experienced the Music Gala for the first time, remarked:  “The gala was a great experience, seeing all the creative musicians and composers, and great performance by the students. It was really a nice opportunity to meet with friends and enjoy such a wonderful night at iCLA!”