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Judo (柔道) at iCLA

by John Cheung In iCLA, not only academics are important to students. Experiencing Japanese culture is also an indispensable component of their education. iCLA offers a variety of hands-on workshops, including one in the modern martial art Judo (柔道). In 1882, Judo was created as a form of physical, mental, and moral pedagogy in Japan. The coach… Continue reading Judo (柔道) at iCLA

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Bendik and Stephen: experiences in Japan

Former iCLA exchange students Bendik Aarsæther and Stephen Kissick have produced a series of videos sharing their experiences of their year abroad in Japan. Let's take a look at Stephen experiencing Shugendo (修験道), a highly syncretic religion that originated in Heian Japan:   A time-lapse video of Bendik's showing the beauty of Japan (including stellar shots of… Continue reading Bendik and Stephen: experiences in Japan

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Introduction to the world of Noh theater (能)

by John Cheung Noh (能) has been performed since the 14th century, it is a ancient form of classical Japanese drama and the demonstration of ultimate refinement of beauty, expression and dramatic speech on stage. Noh actor and iCLA lecturer Hiroyasu Sato has been engaging in the promotion of understanding and appreciation of the… Continue reading Introduction to the world of Noh theater (能)

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A concert night inspired by outer space and the stars  On December 7, 2017, iCLA's students and the YGU Wind Brass Ensemble joined forces to present an evening-length concert inspired by outer space and the stars in the iCLA main lobby. This edition of the Music Gala successfully integrated a variety of musical styles and… Continue reading WINTER GALA 2017

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Experiencing Calligraphy (書道) in Asama Shrine

by Chloe Ramirez   Japan is an interesting mix of old and new, where a peaceful coalescence of tradition and modernity serve as the backdrop for everyday life. What seems to remain an important and profound traditional art form is Shodo, or Japanese calligraphy. Both a spiritual practice and a physical activity, it is positively… Continue reading Experiencing Calligraphy (書道) in Asama Shrine